Does My Auto Insurance Cover the Rent of a Moving Truck? Here’s All You Need to Know

Does My Auto Insurance Cover the Rent of a Moving Truck

Americans use vehicles more often, especially moving trucks. In the U.S, around 11.5% of the population were changing their places in 2013 and 2014. Many of those who did not hire skilled movers probably leased moving vans or trucks to get their personal belongings from one location to another.

Do you need extra protection if you are going and not using your car to move your household contents? Will a rental truck cover your existing car policy

This is crucial to remember because you can plan for the unexpected, even if it is a brief stop.

Running a 26-foot truck is different from driving a sedan or even an SUV with four doors. The mirrors may display different viewpoints. Try parking, turning a big truck, or backing it up. This varies a lot from your car. With a different stopping time and pedal pressure, even the brakes are special.

The most common damage to trucks stems from drivers on the right-hand side hitting overhead objects. That is because, at fast-food restaurants, they are not used to the height of a truck and crash into awnings, carports, or even drive-thru windows.

Let us look into what you need to learn about insuring the leasing of moving vehicles.

Personal Automotive Policy 

Contact your insurance company to see if there is a moving truck rental protected by your personal auto policy. Even if your agreement protects certain cars or truck rentals, there may be exclusions depending on the truck’s size or weight. If you are renting a moving van that is close in size to a passenger van, there is a greater likelihood that it will get protection from a personal car policy, but do not say that. Many car insurance plans do not usually cover large trucks for rent. 

You should consider having supplementary protection, whether or not the policy has truck rental coverage. The truck rental companies sell unique plans. 

There are usually many forms of insurance that you can get easily:

Additional Liability Insurance

This includes liability or damage claims from other individuals if you are in an accident while driving the truck. 

Damage Waiver

You are protected from damage to the rental truck by a personal or limited damage waiver.

Personal Injury and Cargo Protection

This includes injuries to you, your passengers, and your belongings during transit.

Auto-tow Protection

If during your move, you tow your car behind the moving truck, this policy covers auto damage while towing. 

How Moving Truck Companies Handle Severe Accidents?

You can understand how the moving truck rental company treats injuries, even though you have some coverage from your auto insurance policy.

When the truck returns, some rental companies demand compensation for damage, regardless of coverage or fault. When it gets fixed, they can even bill for missed rental income. 

Your auto carrier’s questions to ask

Here are some things to remember if your insurance provider tells you it covers moving truck rentals: 

● What truck size does the regulation cover? Trucks differ in size and weight; find out about it from the list of regulations.

● What is protected under the policy? Does it just protect others with property loss and bodily injury? Does it cover the rental truck’s damage? If there is an accident, what is the limit that the insurance will pay out? Also, ask what isn’t covered in the regulations?

● Is a deductible available? Your car policy probably has a premium, and before the insurance provider covers the remainder of the claim, it is important to know how much you will have to pay. 

● How will a claim impact your auto premium? If your car premium is affected by a lawsuit, determine if you want to use your auto insurance to cover the vehicle’s rental.

It is important to know what your insurance policy protects or does not cover if you rent a moving truck. If you get into an accident, knowing your duties and coverage makes a huge difference.