Car Key Cover Add-on to Insurance Policy Keeps You From Being Stranded on the Road.

Car Key Cover Add-on to Insurance Policy Keeps You From Being Stranded on the Road.

Car keys are small, yet they are the most significant part of a car. The main problem regarding the car keys is that usually people misplace or drop them. The duplicate keys of the older car models were made due to simple design. However, the modern car keys are not that simple. The keys use complicated locks and precise barrels, springs, or a few of them even use RFID chips to unlock the cars. So it is not easy to make a duplicate key. Then how can one avoid being stranded on the road if the keys are misplaced or lost? You can prevent such a situation by merely including a car key cover add-on in your comprehensive car insurance policy. Read further to know more about the car key add-on.

Car Keys Replacement Add-on

If you have the latest car model, it might not be easy for you to make a duplicate car key as it would cost you a few hundreds of bucks, mostly if the keys have built-in high technology. To protect the device, insurance companies offer a key replacement add-on feature in the comprehensive insurance policy. However, you have to bear a minor charge to add this feature to your existing policy.

Once you add this feature to your policy, the insurance company will cover your car key replacement costs if you misplace them. If the key is damaged, the company will only cover the key replacement cost; however, it will cover replacing the whole lock-set if the keys are stolen or lost.

Why Is Car Key Insurance Important?

Having a key cover add-on in your insurance policy is crucial for two reasons:

  1. It gives financial support for replacing the car keys.
  2. It reduces the risk of further damage, such as the theft of your car.

You might think adding car key cover to the insurance policy is an unnecessary expense. Still, you will realize the importance of having this feature as the probability of losing car keys is relatively high.

What Does Car Key Insurance Include?

  1. Key replacement cost:  Once your car keys are damaged, it becomes useless. Replacing your car keys can be very costly. If you have a key insurance add-on, you can easily replace your keys without incurring hefty charges.
  2. Instant key support: If you lose your car keys, the first step will be to make sure you can enter your car or take your vehicle to a safe place where there is no danger of damage or theft. Once you have the key insurance, it will give you immediate support by making a replacement key or delivering the set of keys from home, and in worst cases too, your car to a safe place.
  3. Reducing car theft risk: There is a high possibility that someone might find your key if you lost them. The person can use the keys to steal your car. The key replacement insurance can eliminate this risk as it gets your entire lock-set changed.  

How to Claim Car Key Insurance?

The following are the steps for claiming the key replacement insurance:

  • The first step is to report your lost car keys but if you have your car keys, but they are damaged, skip the first step.
  • Then call your insurance company and inform them about the damaged car keys or car locks and in case you lost your car keys. The insurance company will either guide you about the claim process or send someone to assist you.
  • After informing your insurance company, you need to call the service center to deliver the keys to you, or if you need to change the entire lock, you have to take it to the service center.
  • When you have completed the replacement, make sure you collect all original documents. Next, file the claims of single year comprehensive car insurance plan.