Does Auto Insurance Cover Road Debris? Here’s All You Need to Know

Does Auto Insurance Cover Road Debris

Auto insurance makes you feel safe when driving in public. Getting auto insurance gives your vehicle the feeling of complete security, but there are still some situations where we doubt if auto insurance will cover the damage. One of these situations is denting your car from debris on the road; people who drive carelessly often find themselves in this situation. 

Therefore, ensuring your insurance policy offers coverage for the damage done to you when you hit debris on the road is crucial. To buy the best policy, you must be completely aware of your auto insurance company’s rules and policies. Let’s find out if auto insurance companies provide coverage when you hit your car on debris:

Road Debris Coverage in Auto Insurance

As mentioned above, before buying an insurance policy, your top-most priority should be to find out what your insurance company covers and what it doesn’t cover. However, many people don’t bother checking and regret it when it is too late. If road debris makes it into the list of the things your insurance company covers, then go for it. 

Do Auto Insurance Companies Cover Road Debris Damage?

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding auto insurance companies providing coverage for damage done by road debris, so we will make it simple and clear in this article. 

If you are a basic insurance policyholder, then there are no chances that the insurance company will provide coverage for road debris. However, in liability coverage, your company will cover the damage if you are to blame. 

Furthermore, comprehensive coverage is famous for the wide range of damages it covers. This coverage covers any damage done to your car accidentally. The comprehensive coverage will cover the damage done from hitting debris. 

The Laws Related to Road Debris

Once your car hits road debris, the insurance companies don’t cover the damage blindly; instead, they check if the driver could have avoided the damage or not. For instance, anything that is moveable from the way will not be the auto insurance company’s responsibility. Anything that comes off of another vehicle is not under your control, and the insurance companies cover it. 

The process isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. When your auto insurance company has judged the situation correctly, they will decide whether they should pay for the damage. 

Claiming road debris accident negligence isn’t a piece of cake. First, you will have to prove that you were not the faulty driver, and the accident happened due to another driver’s carelessness. If you can prove that you are not to blame, the auto insurance company will cover your loss. It always isn’t a careless driver; in some cases, it can be the agency responsible for maintaining a road or a private cargo truck. 

Claiming Insurance for Road Debris Accidents

There are certain steps you and your company have to follow to claim insurance after getting into an accident with road debris, such as:

  1. If you hit road debris that a private truck dropped, it will need a proper judgment of who was at fault. 
  2. If you claim government agency when you meet an accident with road debris, it is a more lengthy and tedious process. You will have to fill out a notice of claim right after the accident. The time limit to fill the notice is 60 days max. If not submitted within the said time, it becomes almost impossible to claim your insurance. 

Steps to Claim for Road Debris

There are certain steps you have to follow to claim for road debris accidents. Once you meet an accident with road debris, get in touch with your insurance provider and explain the situation. 

Contacting your provider or your insurance company will decrease the risk of higher rates because of debris accidents.