What Are the Discounts and Rates on Auto Insurance for Actors?

Discounts and Rates on Auto Insurance for Actors

The actor auto insurance rates are not much different from auto insurance rates available for an average person. Actors and actresses with high earnings pay more for auto insurance. However, the rates for actors and actresses also vary from one person to another. You can secure affordable auto insurance by shopping for different insurance companies and comparing their insurance rates. 

When you think about the most famous actors in the entertainment industry, auto insurance might appear expensive. Some actors and actresses don’t earn high and can only afford to pay the average auto insurance cost. 

Hence, regardless of how much you earn, one can qualify for the affordable auto insurance available for actors and actresses. Read the article to know all about auto insurance policy for actors and how to get cheap auto insurance rates. 

What Are the Rates for Auto Insurance for Actors?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) stated the average cost of auto insurance full coverage is $1,078 yearly or $90 per month. Yet several factors affect auto insurance rates, such as:

  • Driving Record
  • Commute Mileage
  • Age of the driver
  • Coverage Level
  • Insurance Company
  • Gender of the driver (not considered in some states)
  • Vehicle model and manufacturer

Therefore, the auto insurance costs depend on actors’ needs and what type of car insurance provider they have.

How to Purchase Affordable Auto Insurance for Actors?

You can purchase auto insurance for an actor the same way other occupation’s insurance is found in the United States. To buy affordable actor auto insurance, you need to shop around the insurance companies for a policy.

The following is the list of companies in the United States that offer auto insurance.

  • USAA – $72
  • State Farm – $102
  • GEICO – $124
  • Progressive – $134
  • Nationwide – $137
  • Allstate – $206
  • Farmers – $240

USAA provides the most affordable rates; however, you can’t get USAA auto insurance if you aren’t in the military, armed forces, or don’t have immediate family in the U.S. The rest of the insurance companies are available, yet the rates might vary. State Farm auto insurance is known for its less expensive premium costs around the nation. 

Does Credit Score Affect Auto Insurance Cost?

Precisely yes, a credit score affects the cost of auto insurance. According to the Experian blog, auto insurance companies offer low insurance rates to only those with good credit scores. In comparison, customers with poor and fair credit scores are provided expensive auto insurance rates. However, you can balance the poor credit score by maintaining a clean driving record, ultimately saving hundreds of dollars per year.

What Are the Options in Auto Insurance Coverage?

One has to carry minimum auto insurance requirements known as auto liability insurance despite being an actor or actress. But if you are still paying the installments of your vehicle, you will need more insurance coverage. 

Why Actors’ Auto Insurance Is Expensive?

Actors like Dennis Haysbert and Dean Winters, who are well paid, might have high auto insurance rates due to their high worth. Celebrities usually drive luxury cars or the latest economy vehicles that cost more than an average car, ultimately increasing auto insurance costs. Hence, actors that earn less pay the average cost of auto insurance. Actors that frequently travel with multiple jobs are high-risk drivers; therefore, auto insurance companies charge such actors more than average auto insurance costs. 

You can also get a discount if you are an actor or actress for an auto insurance company’s advertisement, such as Progressive commercial actors. 

To sum up, Actor’s Auto insurance is similar to everyone else who is shopping for auto coverage. Despite your earnings as an actor or actress, you can get affordable auto insurance rates. Hence, the best way to find affordable auto rates is to compare rates offered by insurance companies.