How Much is Auto Insurance for 18 years old?

auto insurance for 18 years old

Annual auto insurance for an 18 years old driver is $7,396 (roughly $616 a month). However, there is a noticeable difference of $7,551 in yearly premiums between Erie and Allstate. This illustrates the need to compare insurance quotes to acquire the best rates.

  • Erie has the lowest rates, at $3,173 per year, but only in 13 states.
  • USAA has the second-lowest yearly price at $3,963. However, the company only insures current and former military personnel and their families.
  • Geico has had the lowest vehicle insurance for 18 years old, with an annual cost of $4,224.

How can we compare 18 years old auto insurance premiums with other age groups?

For this reason, insurers charge higher premiums for drivers under the age of 25. As you get older and have more driving experience, your insurance prices should fall.

For example, someone turning 18 will see their annual rate drop by $1,445.

Car insurance rates for 18 years old males and female 

Auto insurance for 18 years old female drivers is less expensive than for male drivers. Female drivers pay an average of $7,030 per year, while male drivers pay $7,762.

According to the CDC, the rate of deaths for male motor vehicle drivers aged 16 to 19 is more than twice that of female drivers, posing a substantial risk to insurers.

Gender discrimination is illegal in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan (in particular localities), Montana, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Thus, the cost of auto insurance should be the same for men and women in these states.

Do car insurance premiums drop at 18?

After turning 18, young driver’s insurance rates drop by 12%. Due to your age, you pose less of a risk to insurers than freshly licensed 16 and 17 years old.

New drivers are an exception. If you are an 18-year-old first-time driver, you will likely pay more than a 16 years old with two years of driving experience.

USAA is omitted because its plans exclusively benefit current or former military personnel and their families. In Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Texas, USAA has the cheapest auto insurance for 20-year-olds.

Best 18 years old car insurance by state

18 years old may get auto insurance for 54% less in North Carolina than the national average, while Michigan has the highest yearly vehicle insurance prices for 18 years old, almost three times the national average.

auto insurance for 18 years old


18 years old can buy auto insurance. However, to save money, we recommend you add yourself to your parent’s policy if possible.

Being added to a parent’s auto insurance coverage as a teenager costs about $3,020 yearly, but having your personal car insurance costs $7,178.

When you share your policy by adding a teenage driver to it, your rates will most certainly increase, but you can minimize the cost by requesting a reduction. Parents may also qualify for a multi-vehicle discount if their teen drives a separate car. Parents who choose to cover their teen’s automobile with the same insurer may receive a loyalty discount.

Cheap auto insurance for 18 years old

The easiest way to acquire cheap vehicle insurance quotes is to shop around. So, contact several insurers to compare rates.

However, there are alternative ways for 18 years old to get cheap auto insurance:

Look for discounts: Numerous insurance reductions may be available. If you are 18 years old and a high school or college student, you can get a substantial student discount on auto insurance.

While attending a university more than 100 miles away, students who leave their automobile at their parent’s house for the academic year may qualify for a low-mileage discount. Also, If you live apart from your parents and are financially independent, you can save money by combining your auto insurance with your renters or homeowners insurance.

Consider your insurance needs: We recommend buying a full-coverage policy covering collision and comprehensive insurance for 18-year-old drivers. A minimum-coverage policy may work if, like many young drivers, you have an older car with high repair costs.

Drive a cheap automobile: Expensive cars are more costly to maintain and insure. According to analysis, the vehicles with the lowest insurance rates for 18 years old include SUVs like the Subaru Outback, and the Buick Encore, and safer sports cars like the Mazda MX-5 Miata and the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Increase your deductible: A larger deductible can also lower your insurance rate. However, if you file a claim, you will have to pay extra.

Use telematics: With a telematics tracking device, you can prove to your vehicle insurer that you’re a safe driver and deserve lower rates. If you drive your car carefully, you can save a lot on your auto insurance.

The short-term 18 years old car insurance

Insurance firms do not sell short-term policies, so don’t be lured by one-day, one-week, or one-month vehicle insurance commercials if you’re under 18. Insurance policies are typically six-month or one-year contracts that can be canceled at any moment and paid monthly.


Many ZIP codes in nine of the country’s most populous states were surveyed, and the sample drivers were single 18 years old male and female drivers with clean driving records.

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