Car insurance companies in NOLA: All You Want to Know

car insurance companies

New Orleans Auto insurance Plans in New Orleans, Louisiana is congested since it is Louisiana’s largest city and a popular tourist destination. The Big Easy contributes to the state’s three million automobiles, and bad weather increases the danger of traffic deaths. In 2019, there were 4,936 injuries and 42 fatalities in New Orleans. Theft of vehicles has also increased recently in the city.

Car insurance is not only required but also legally enforced in New Orleans. But car insurance isn’t inexpensive. In New Orleans, the average motorist pays $4,216 for full coverage and $1,211 for minimal coverage. The good news is that various car insurance companies have cheap rates and high reviews from third-party organizations.

Best car insurance companies in NOLA

Cheap car insurance companies in New Orleans include USAA, Progressive, and Geico. This list of suppliers stands out for its low rates, a wide range of products, and financial stability.


Geico’s typical vehicle insurance rates are significantly below New Orleans’ average. The coverage is restricted, but the savings are substantial. Discounts are available for military people, government employees, emergency deployments, employee/membership groups, multiple car insurance, defensive driving courses, and good grades.


Progressive offers comprehensive coverage for New Orleans drivers. Add-ons include roadside assistance, gap insurance, custom parts and equipment coverage, and more. This consists of the Snapshot safe driver program and the vanishing deductible program, which reduces the deductible by $50 for each year without a claim.


SFB offers the cheapest auto insurance in NOLA. A comprehensive coverage policy costs $2,770 annually, while a minimum coverage policy is annual $705. Southern Farm Bureau also offers excellent customer service, coverage alternatives, and discounts to New Orleans drivers. There’s also a smartphone app for roadside help and claims.


USAA is a top-rated insurance company. However, only active-duty military veterans and their wives are covered. The benefits include exceptional customer service, considerable discounts, military-specific discounts, and quick claim processing. For added protection, USAA offers accident forgiveness and car replacement help.

car insurance companies

Cheapest car insurance companies in NOLA

The cost of auto insurance in New Orleans is substantially higher than in Louisiana. The average motorist in Louisiana pays $2,711 for full coverage and $757 for minimal coverage. In New Orleans, a comprehensive coverage policy costs over $1,500 more, while a basic coverage policy costs over $450.

Drivers in New Orleans can save money by choosing an insurer with affordable premiums.

Many people shop for vehicle insurance based on pricing—other considerations include coverage options and customer service ratings. We recommend USAA, Progressive, and AAA for the perfect endorsements and coverage options.

USAA has the best customer service, but only military and veterans are covered. AAA also has exceptional customer service, but its plans are expensive, which may deter some drivers. All five companies provide considerable discounts to help drivers save money.

These providers’ J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings are all over the map. State Farm and Progressive are ranked below average, while Geico and USAA are rated above average. However, AM Best rates all five companies as financially strong.

New Orleans requirements for insurance

Every New Orleans driver who has a vehicle registered in Louisiana must have insurance. Personal liability insurance is necessary at a minimum of 15/30/25, which covers:

  • $15,000 per person bodily injury liability coverage
  • $30,000 per accident bodily injury liability coverage
  • $25,000 per accident in property damage liability

Those who select minimum coverage pay the least. However, liability-only insurance does not always cover the total cost of an accident. If an accident occurs, and the driver’s financial liability surpasses the policy’s maximum. This can cost hundreds of dollars or even more than that.

In some circumstances, New Orleans drivers must have full coverage insurance. This is common with financed or leased vehicles. Many loan providers need full coverage insurance to decrease the lender’s risk until the loan is entirely paid off.

New Orleans car insurance discounts

Most New Orleans auto insurance providers offer discounts to help drivers save money. Here are some popular offers:

  • No claims in recent years: Drivers with no recent insurance claims, accidents, or traffic offenses usually earn a lower price.
  • Good student: Many insurance firms provide discounted rates to students who maintain a specific GPA.
  • Pay in full: Drivers who pay their annual premium in full rather than monthly payments sometimes save money.
  • Driving school: Drivers who finish an approved defensive driving or driver training course may qualify for a discount.

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