5 Steps-Guideline on How to Cancel Travelers Auto Insurance

5 Steps-Guideline on How to Cancel Travelers Auto Insurance

There might be various reasons why one cancels Travelers auto insurance; besides, an auto insurance company makes it easy. Fortunately, canceling travelers auto insurance doesn’t require any fees, and you might also get a refund whether you are selling your car or switching auto insurance companies. But you must have additional auto insurance before you cancel Travelers’ policy when you want to change insurance companies. 

There are numerous ways to cancel your Travelers auto insurance. You can either call the Travelers auto insurance, mail a letter, or meet your insurance agent in person to request policy cancellation. But before you cancel auto insurance, make sure to have alternative coverage, or you might face penalties, license suspension, or even jail time. Make sure to compare quotes before you cancel your car insurance.

Steps to Cancel Your Auto Insurance

There are five steps to take when you decide to cancel your car insurance policy to make it easy.

The following is a list of steps you should take:

  1. Keep an eye on when your policy renews: It is better to wait if you have few months left to renew your policy.
  2. Shop around for a better deal: Compare quotes offered by different insurance companies to find the best rates, especially when you are not happy with your current Travelers policy.
  3. Determine your priority in a car insurance company: Are you looking for an insurance company that offers the cheapest rates? Or do you want excellent customer service and are willing to pay more?
  4. Select a new auto insurance company and activate your policy: once you have selected your new insurance policy, get the ball rolling. Set up your policy and pick a date for your coverage to start,
  5. Call off your old policy: The last step entails the cancellation of your current policy. Send your cancellation request to your insurance Travelers. It is best to overlap coverage with a day or two if you don’t have a gap in between it. Moreover, make sure to have a follow-up after sending a cancellation request to ensure you get refunds, if any, and your policy ends on the date you want it to. 

These steps will assist in an easy transition from one auto insurance to another insurance company.

How to Cancel Travelers Auto Insurance

Once you have decided you want to switch to other Travelers insurance, you need to cancel your current insurance policy. Car insurance companies have made it very easy to cancel your Travelers policy. You can either call, make a call to your insurance agent, mail a letter or visit your agent for policy cancelation. 

Remember, you can’t cancel your Travelers insurance through an auto insurance website login. Hence it is not an option.

Will I Get a Refund if I Cancel My Travelers Auto Insurance?

Generally, you will get a refund from your auto insurance company if you paid in advance for your policy and cancel early.

Can I Freeze My Travelers Auto Insurance if I Don’t Want to Cancel?

Unfortunately, you can’t freeze or skip a month of Travelers’ insurance policy. You must pay every month without skipping it or cancel your policy. If you fail to pay, the insurance company would ultimately cancel your policy.  

What Should You Consider When Switching Auto Insurance Companies?

First, if major changes occur in your life, such as getting married or moving to a different state, it’s a good idea to shop around for auto insurance companies. For instance, if you are getting married, your auto insurance rates will ultimately decrease, or if your credit scores get better, your auto rates will get lower.  

Second, the majority of states require minimum auto insurance. Hence, don’t cancel your policy until you have a new policy in place, or else you are violating the law.