Does Auto Insurance Provide Coverage to a Clutch Replacement?

Does Auto Insurance Provide Coverage to a Clutch Replacement?

Will my auto insurance cover a clutch replacement? Well, it depends on the reason for the clutch replacement. For instance, if your clutch fails due to normal wear and tear, auto insurance doesn’t cover it. But if it is damaged in a car accident, collision coverage might provide financial assistance to you. The average cost of collision insurance is $323 yearly. 

Understanding auto insurance can be a lot sometimes. Thus, we will explain the process step by step, including how to replace your clutch. Continue reading to learn more about clutch replacement. 

Average Cost of Clutch Replacement 

When talking about clutch replacement, the first question your brain asks you is, what is the cost of clutch replacement? Unfortunately, it is not at all cheap. You will have to pay between $1,200 to $1,400 on average for a clutch repair. Moreover, the clutch damage is fairly the same; as usual, the issues arise from wear and tear.

However, some factors identify whether your clutch is failing. If you feel that your clutch is stuck, revving, or is loose, immediately take action. The Federal Trade Commission further identified that a chemical odor is another sign that your clutch is failing. If you can identify the issue on time, the cost of clutch repair might reduce. 

Auto Insurance and Clutch Replacement

You might be wondering with this question that “will my auto insurance cover a clutch replacement.” But no, your insurance will not cover your clutch repairing cost that occurred due to wear and tear. Although if the clutch is damaged due to an accident, auto insurance will provide coverage. 

Hence to mitigate the cost impact of clutch replacements, you should have collision insurance. Once you know about the type of insurance, you will need to cover clutch replacement. The next question arises: How much coverage would you require? The collision coverage costs approximately $323 annually. But considering the potential clutch replacement or repair cost brought on by the damage, it is worth paying the price of collision insurance. 

However, the cost of collision insurance is cheap. It might not be enough since all insurance companies allow you to carry insurance coverage more than the state’s minimum requirement. It is best to have a significant amount of insurance; if your vehicle sustains major damage in an accident, you will have substantial insurance to cover your repair expenses. 

FAQs: Does Auto Insurance Include Clutch Replacement?

1. What does auto insurance not cover?

The majority of auto insurance doesn’t provide coverage for mechanical breakdowns, tire damage, stolen items from a vehicle, or rental automobile damage cost.

2. Does auto insurance include a headlight?

It is similar to the clutch. If you have collision insurance, your auto insurance will cover the cost of replacing your headlights if they are broken in an accident.

3. Is auto insurance going to cover mechanical issues?

Usually not, but if an accident insurance policy brings on the mechanical damage, it will most likely cover it. 

4. Is non-accident repair included in auto insurance?

No insurance policy will cover the cost of repair due to normal wear and tear. Collision and comprehensive coverage will cover your vehicle’s repairs caused by either an accident or natural disaster.

5. If my engine blows up, can I claim auto insurance?

Unfortunately not, as it is likely seen as a wear and tear issue rather than damage caused by accident or natural factors. 

6. What is a clutch, and what does it do?

The clutch is a device in a manual vehicle that transfers the rotational power from the engine to the car’s wheels. 

7. What is the life of a clutch?

Generally, a clutch will last up to 60,000 miles.

8. Is clutch in a manual vehicle included in insurance?

Despite the type and worth of your vehicle, insurance will only cover the cost of clutch replacement or repair if the damage is brought on by accident.